Staying Active and Exploring with Joovy & Miamily

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The ocean is always our first choice.

Here we are 9 months earthside for my little man. And OMG what a ride.  I get to know my kid more and more I can’t stop obsessing over his rapid growth. I just can’t handle how fast he is growing! We are literally a few months from the big 1 and I’m just not ready for it. On the flipside, I must say…it’s pretty freaking amazing to see him process the world around him as he is developing his own opinions and personality. What I’m most impressed with, is that I have not completely lost my mind….YET.

How am I doing it? I made a commitment to stay healthy and active so that I could keep up with my baby beast. The gym is my BFF and if Mommy makes it to the gym, everyone’s world is just a little bit better. The other half of the time, I am completely losing my mind, but it’s all about balance right?!

Two things that I cannot MOM without are: The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight and the Miamily Hipster Plus. With these lifesavers, I have been able to get outside, get shit done, and take bub with me wherever I go.  Fresh air, stimulation, and bonding time are what we experience when we seek adventure. A messy house, with endless amounts of laundry, and a pile of dishes that doesn’t stop growing is a drag sometimes – okay, all of the time.  So that’s our queue to get out of the house and EXPLORE.


The Joovy 360 is a nice, durable, but still elegant stroller that has been everywhere with us. It has allowed me to take bub on some serious hikes, jogs near the beach, and out on some of the best family dates ever. There are some days when the books and toys are just not enough to keep bub satisfied and to be honest I don’t blame him. Who wants to be stuck in the house all day anyway?



Some places are just too difficult to experience with a stroller, so the carrier works great!

The Miamily baby carrier is the best carrier I have come across. I have a pretty heavy kid and this thing holds him close to me safely and comfortably. You can wear your baby several different ways and the seat is the deal breaker. I’ve worn Q on a boat offshore, to music festivals, and even while doing chores around the house. There are just some places a stroller can’t go, this is why a good carrier is a must!


How in the world were moms doing mom things before carriers were invented anyway??? With summer approaching quickly I’m super excited to know that I can do just about anything we please as long as we have our carrier and stroller. Our next adventure will be a big one, 2 weeks in South Korea. Check back in next month and I’ll share how that all goes down when we return. In the meantime, I would love to hear about what you mamas do to keep sane and some of your must-have mom tools!




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