Wild Dill


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Easter vibes with a knitted carrot teether from Wild Dill.

Mondays aren’t so bad.  We get a fresh start at getting behind in our lives,  and I get to introduce yet another awesome Mom Boss! This week’s mom boss is the owner of an online shop that offers organic, fair-trade, and eco-friendly products for our littles, and she’s even got stuff for Moms! If you are or know any green and conscious mamas out there, then you must stop by her shop! Wild Dill carries everything from clothes, bath, gifts, nursery, and home decor. I must say, it’s quite refreshing to come across a line of products that are safe for my little man and the environment as well. Now let’s meet Tina and hear a little about her story and the motherhood tip she has to share!

Tina, Mom Boss behind Wild Dill 

My business came about when my first son was born. We went on a trip to Israel to introduce him to my husband’s family when he was about 6 months old. I received the same beautiful organic baby blanket from multiple friends and family members and got inspired to bring the brand to the US since I loved the blanket and had never seen one like it back home. While working on that business as an importer and distributor I came across the Wild Dill store and contacted the owner to carry the line. She informed me that she planned to shut down the business in the next few weeks and in my mommy haze just wrote to her that I would love to buy the site. From there we worked out a deal and I ended up a store owner!
Since owning Wild Dill I have put a lot of work into updating the website, adding new inventory and interacting with customers. I love being a store owner and am so excited to see what the future holds for this business.
A pregnancy struggle Tina has experienced
My biggest struggle was actually with getting pregnant in the first place due to thyroid issues. It took me a long time to get pregnant with both my boys and was lucky enough to find an amazing acupuncturist who I credit with helping me get my health in order and stabilize my hormones to help get pregnant and have a smooth time all the way up until delivery of both my sweet boys.
Tina’s motherhood tip
Don’t be afraid to lean on family and friends for help. I had a hard time delegating tasks with my first son and I really felt the difference with my second son when I let people help me. Simple things like doing laundry, bringing in food, and running errands allowed me to rest and bond with my child and allowed me to be a better mom to both kids. I also think we need to not be afraid to ask for emotional support from our friends. I had a few dear mom friends who had children before me who were so sweet and gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it and just always knew the right thing to say when I was having a difficult time with breastfeeding or other new mom challenges. Your closest friends know you the best and just have that special way of knowing how to give advice and support when you are at your most sensitive and vulnerable without being judgemental.

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