Blueberry Boo Kids


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My little monster in his Wild Thing onsie from Blueberry Boo Kids

When I found out I was having a boy I started browsing for cute clothes and I was not very impressed with the options you normally see at the big retail stores, The have all have so many of the same old designs and are so very basic. I really wanted to find fun clothing for my bub and dress him in unique outfits that come from small shops. Along my search I came across Blueberry Boo Kids. Their clothing is super cute and comfy, and like every other small shop I come across, there is a motivated Mom behind the scenes. I seriously don’t know how it’s done, having children and running a business, but it’s so very inspiring. Thanks for checking out today’s post, don’t forget to check out the links below!

This week’s Mom Boss is Gemma and she shares how her business Blueberry Boo Kids got startedΒ 

“Blueberry Boo Kids launched a year ago, in July 2015, I had been selling personalised prints on Etsy for a year previous but my designs had started to become more inspired by my little man and so I decided to split the kids design into a new store and thought about launching a few tee designs. I closed my previous store after Christmas to focus fully on Blueberry Boo Kids and we now have over 20 tee designs. Blueberry Boo Kids is a design led kids lifestyle brand. We focus on modern and fun apparel, we believe that apparel for Babies & Children should be fun and unique, just like little ones are. Our designs focus on Adventure, Fun and Dreaming Big, and are perfect for boys and girls alike and we also offer several personalised tees designed to celebrate little ones qualities and individuality. Blueberry Boo Kids is inspired by my little man, and I run the brand from our home in Devon in the south west of the UK with the help of my husband. Finding unique decor and apparel on the high street is getting harder and harder, particularly for boys, and we offer a fun, unique range aimed at both boys and girls alike. We have been blown away by the response to Blueberry Boo Kids so far and we look forward to exciting things in the future.”

A pregnancy struggle Gemma experienced:
“I was very lucky, my pregnancy was relatively straight forward and trouble free. I had a pretty scary bleed at 10 weeks but a scan showed my little man was in there waving away as happy as can be. Apart from that and some hip pain which required physio, I had no appetite for the first 16 weeks and could only to eat very beige food, Double Cheeseburgers & Mac n Cheese were all that I fancied, to this day my husband can’t eat Mac n Cheese as we ate so much of it while I was pregnant.”

Gemma’s Motherhood tips:

“Every baby is different, no approach suits all, sometimes you have to be flexible. Watching my little man grow up alongside other babies you realise they are all developing at their own rate and that ultimately what ever parenting approach you choose they will be just fine. Also a happy mum really does equal happy baby, make sure you take your own needs and feelings into account as well, especially in those early days.”

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Gemma and her adorable boy


Check out more on Blueberry Boo Kid’s links:

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