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Honey and Bump Baby Carrier

How many of you are pros at baby wearing and how long did it take you to get there? I’m still trying to figure it out! With the weather being so warm here I feel like my bub has to be super uncomfortable and overheating, but he really enjoys this baby carrier from Honey and Bump. So far it’s been his favorite, there are just so many different ones to choose from. It’s great for going on walks and shopping trips! I can’t wait until he can hold his head up, I will be able to get so much done with him wrapped around me! I’m in no rush… his snuggles are quite addicting. While searching for a baby carrier I met the Mom Boss behind Honey and Bump and how she came up with the name is just adorable. Please check out her links below and show some love!

This week’s Mom Boss is Amy and her business is Honey and Bump

I’ve always worked for a large corporate company in London and my career has always been very important to me. It is a source of satisfaction and achievement, as well as a means of earning money to live the life my husband and I enjoy.

I married my husband, Jonathan, in 2008 but it was only after I fell pregnant and miscarried in 2014 that we realized how much we wanted to start a family. I fell pregnant again in 2015, and immediately felt a conflict between my career and family life. I felt frustrated that I needed to choose between the two, that I couldn’t choose both, and that ultimately one would suffer – and deep down I knew it couldn’t be my family.

I therefore starting looking for options of how I could maintain my earnings (financially I still needed to contribute to our household income) and have the flexibility of time and location to balance with family life. I quickly decided to start a business to sell baby products, and I’ve always been drawn to high-end, high-quality products so I knew I needed a brand that portrayed those values.

During my pregnancy, Jonathan and I decided not to find out the gender, so we quickly developed the nickname “bump” when referring to our unborn baby. Jonathan would often call me at work to ask “how are you honey and bump?” and whilst sat at my desk one day it just hit me that this was the name for my company! Honey & Bump! From there everything just happened. I managed to develop my first product and launched on Amazon.com within a couple of months.

So far it’s been such and exciting and terrifying journey all at the same time, but one that has been rewarding and I can’t wait to develop the business and see it grow. It’s allowed me to connect with so many other honey and bumps and I know as mothers and soon-to-be-mothers we all share the same concerns and desires to do whatever is best for our families.

A pregnancy struggle that Amy experienced:

Worrying about EVERYTHING! After my first pregnancy and miscarriage I found it really difficult to feel excited about getting pregnant again, just desperately hoping that I wasn’t going to have to grieve the loss of another baby. Gradually I realized that although I needed to be sensible, it was ultimately out of my control and I needed to enjoy being pregnant and be thankful!

Amy’s motherhood tip:

Be flexible, don’t set too many expectations or ideals and be kind to yourself!

Check out Honey and Bump’s links below:




Amy – Owner of Honey and Bump



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