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Honey and Bump Baby Carrier

How many of you are pros at baby wearing and how long did it take you to get there? I’m still trying to figure it out! With the weather being so warm here I feel like my bub has to be super uncomfortable and overheating, but he really enjoys this baby carrier from Honey and Bump. So far it’s been his favorite, there are just so many different ones to choose from. It’s great for going on walks and shopping trips! I can’t wait until he can hold his head up, I will be able to get so much done with him wrapped around me! I’m in no rush… his snuggles are quite addicting. While searching for a baby carrier I met the Mom Boss behind Honey and Bump and how she came up with the name is just adorable. Please check out her links below and show some love!

This week’s Mom Boss is Amy and her business is Honey and Bump

I’ve always worked for a large corporate company in London and my career has always been very important to me. It is a source of satisfaction and achievement, as well as a means of earning money to live the life my husband and I enjoy.

I married my husband, Jonathan, in 2008 but it was only after I fell pregnant and miscarried in 2014 that we realized how much we wanted to start a family. I fell pregnant again in 2015, and immediately felt a conflict between my career and family life. I felt frustrated that I needed to choose between the two, that I couldn’t choose both, and that ultimately one would suffer – and deep down I knew it couldn’t be my family.

I therefore starting looking for options of how I could maintain my earnings (financially I still needed to contribute to our household income) and have the flexibility of time and location to balance with family life. I quickly decided to start a business to sell baby products, and I’ve always been drawn to high-end, high-quality products so I knew I needed a brand that portrayed those values.

During my pregnancy, Jonathan and I decided not to find out the gender, so we quickly developed the nickname “bump” when referring to our unborn baby. Jonathan would often call me at work to ask “how are you honey and bump?” and whilst sat at my desk one day it just hit me that this was the name for my company! Honey & Bump! From there everything just happened. I managed to develop my first product and launched on Amazon.com within a couple of months.

So far it’s been such and exciting and terrifying journey all at the same time, but one that has been rewarding and I can’t wait to develop the business and see it grow. It’s allowed me to connect with so many other honey and bumps and I know as mothers and soon-to-be-mothers we all share the same concerns and desires to do whatever is best for our families.

A pregnancy struggle that Amy experienced:

Worrying about EVERYTHING! After my first pregnancy and miscarriage I found it really difficult to feel excited about getting pregnant again, just desperately hoping that I wasn’t going to have to grieve the loss of another baby. Gradually I realized that although I needed to be sensible, it was ultimately out of my control and I needed to enjoy being pregnant and be thankful!

Amy’s motherhood tip:

Be flexible, don’t set too many expectations or ideals and be kind to yourself!

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Amy – Owner of Honey and Bump



A Healthy Mom = A Healthy Baby

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34 days Postpartum & 1st day back in the gym in 38 days

I’ve been told before that after birth there would be days when I would feel “blah”, I just didn’t think there would be so many.  My amazing little boy has been on a feeding frenzy, so there is very little time spent outside of our home. The lack of sleep and natural vitamin D, followed by poor diet and no exercise has had me feeling the blues. I am still awaiting approval to return to my usual workout routines and I am actually fiending to surf again. I seriously crave the sun and ocean, and without these two elements, I really struggle. I have also been very emotional lately and missing my mother who passed away in April. Every time I look at baby Q, I remember how happy my mother was when she found out I was pregnant. She would’ve eaten him up and loved to tell me how to raise him, lol. It’s been challenging to fight off the darkness, but I have a choice. I have the choice to feel the darkness and soak it in, allowing it to have a lasting effect.  Or, I have the choice to feel the darkness and get off my ass to move past it. I choose the latter.



 I choose to be happy and healthy – time to get to work.

I started by acknowledging that I fell off the wagon and have been eating like shit, enjoying the things I couldn’t have with gestational diabetes and not discriminating against anything quick and tasty.  But recently I have started eating much healthier meals again and am finding that it has a huge impact on how I feel each day. Last week I was given the okay by my healthcare provider to take 30 min walks. That’s fine, but it isn’t doing the job for my feel goods. Yesterday I made it a point to get up early and go to the gym. Without going overboard, I pushed myself to get past the excuses and it was so worth it. I did a mile on the treadmill and lifted light weights to awaken my arms.  As for the emotions involving my mother… I have accepted that I will feel sadness and that I will miss her, but I have so many memories of her that I can share with my son.  Just thinking about her crazy personality makes me smile.

IMG_9087I share this with you knowing that I can’t be the only new mom out there feeling this way. I also share this with you in case you are going to be a mommy and to let you know that if you face these blah days, not to worry because there are better days ahead. As new mothers we will be entering a whole new stage of life and our shit gets seriously disrupted, hormones and all! Besides my generously supportive husband and the most ridiculously awesome child of mine, I have found that taking care of ME makes me happiest and allows me to be a better person, wife, and mother. It is difficult to allow myself the time and pampering that I deserve, but it is essential that we continue the things we enjoy, get out for fresh air, and take care of ourselves to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe this so much that I have set up a month of pampering, haha! Each week this month I am treating myself to a self-loving treat, starting with a massage and ending with a day of shopping!

All joking aside, not all of us are fortunate enough to dodge the onset of depression, and postpartum depression is such a real thing. It’s important to know the signs and when it’s time to seek help. A healthy Mom equals a healthy baby, is what I frequently remind myself. It really helps me through many of my challenges. What is it that you do to stay happy? Please share your experiences and thoughts by leaving comments. I truly love hearing from you.


Shop Azalea



Mom Life Is The Best Life Tee from Shop Azalea 

Well, we made it to the 1-month mark. The three of us, my son, my husband, and I just trying to figure things out with no prior experience. Sleepless nights, never-ending diaper changes, and the list goes on. It has been such a ride so far and we are all learning so much about one another. There are times when I wonder if I will be any good at this mom thing, and then I remind myself that I am doing my best and it’s all a learning experience. A very challenging, yet rewarding learning experience. I have decided to take extra time off before going back to work so that I can be more present in the Mom life. I want extra time to bond with my son and focus on our new little family.  This Live Well Mama blog is my current outlet that allows me to share my experiences with mommies-to-be and new moms like myself. I have been lucky enough during this journey to have met another awesome Mom Boss who inspires me and I would like to introduce to you! Her name is Katina Cairnes. She is a mother to a beautiful little girl, and she shares her story with us from beautiful Hawai’i. Don’t forget to show some love by commenting and visiting the links below!

This week’s Mom Boss is Katina Cairnes and her business is Shop Azalea. 

After I became pregnant I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I had my daughter Elena and 16 months later I was feeling like something was missing. I knew that I wanted something of my own that could contribute to our bills but I didn’t want to give up being home with Elena. I honestly had no idea what I could do from home or what I even wanted to do. I started doing some research on how to make your own online store, bought some books, and just went for it.  I was lucky to have full support from my husband as we had no idea if this would work or not. We are still so new but have had so much support and love from everyone that I just know that I made the right decision. I have always had a love for clothes and fashion but haven’t always had the budget for what I wanted. My mission is to make women feel comfortable and beautiful not only in their clothes but in their skin as well and to do so at a reasonable price.

A pregnancy struggle that Katina experienced:

My husband and I had just been stationed in Hawai’i when I found out I was pregnant. Being thousands of miles away from our families and not knowing anyone was not what I had in mind for when we decided to have a baby. I was so excited but so scared at the same time. I am an only child and had never been around babies so I knew absolutely nothing. Those 9 months were really hard for me. Not knowing if I would be ready when she came or if I would be able to do it on my own when my husband would have to leave on a deployment. Even though my family was so far away there were always there to support me. Every struggle of being a new mom that I overcame made me feel so strong and confident in what I was doing.

Katina’s Motherhood tip:

Something I say to most mommies is just to enjoy the little things. It’s so hard these days to separate ourselves from our phones and computers (which I am totally guilty of) but I find that when I do those are the times that I am really able to enjoy life with my daughter.

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Shop Azalea owner , gorgeous Katina and her beautiful family



1 Month Postpartum, 18 Years to Go

I thought it would be fun to share with you the unexpected reality I am facing as a new mommy. Try not to laugh too hard at some of the things I thought vs. the way things REALLY went down.
  • My labor was going to be under 12 hours and I was still going to be glowing when it was over. Nope.  Labor was almost 24 hours long and I immediately lost the glow, immediately.
  • We would come home from the hospital to maintain a clean and organized home.  Haha! The house screams “I never got the ‘nesting’ bug and we are just trying to survive with a newborn on barely any sleep!” All good though, that’s why we have the cleaning lady on speed dial.
  • I would sleep more that 5 hours total in a day and yes, I would still be glowing. Yeah, right! The glow was gone the minute I gave birth and it’s like striking gold if I can get an additional 30 mins of shut eye! (Which I occasionally do, thanks to my dear husband).
  • I would quickly be back in the gym, surfing, and regain my post pregnancy body in a flash. While I am absolutely happy with my slow but steady progress, none of that has happened yet. I have lost some weight from breastfeeding but no go on the gym or surf action. I am still awaiting approval from my midwife to get back to my fitness routines. I have started very light workout routines while holding my baby  to entertain him or put him to sleep. (Two birds, one stone)
  • I would continue my excellent eating habits that I picked up during my GD phase. Also a NOPE. Since breastfeeding is compared to running a 5k marathon, I am HUNGRY, a lot. So the first couple of weeks I ate like crap. Good news is, I’m slowly making a comeback and making healthier meals at home.  It feels good.
  • I would lose patches of my hair due to fluctuating hormones. So far the hair gods have been on my side. My hair has always had my back and it’s been staying put for now.
  • I would be able to wear my closet full of pre-pregnancy clothes by now.  Although I have not been wearing leggings as often, there is no way in hell I can get into any of my jeans that I miss so much. If I am not at home in panties and a nursing bra, I’m wearing a bathing suit, maybe some shorts, and/or a graphic tee of some sort. There is still a closet full of the old me waiting for the new me.

    MAMA BIRD Tee from Mama Bird & Co

    Some things I never even thought of that are becoming apparent:I never thought I would be okay with being puked, farted, pooped, or peed on. Somehow it doesn’t bother me one bit. Now I am sure that it would be a completely different story if it weren’t my adorable offspring. LOL. I never imagined that I would cherish and desire sleep the way I do now. I never thought I would try so hard to put my child to sleep only to obsess over when he will wake again.  Last but not least, I NEVER imagined that I could love anything as much as I love my little dude. (Even if he is bossy and sometimes mean as can be).




Breastfeeding On the Go & Bamboobies Giveaway!


Being a new mom that exclusively breastfeeds I am learning that it can be a real pain in the ass, especially when you are on the go. You can have the most functional top or outfit, but if you didn’t prepare and put on the right nursing bra, forget about it. It’s a hassle and a milky mess! Well, for me anyway. Now that I am regaining brain cells, getting an additional hour of sleep per day, and feeling confident enough to have a conversation, I won’t pass up the opportunity to get some fresh air. It’s summer and I refuse to stay in! When I have the opportunity to get out of the house, I jump on it! So this means no planning… grab that diaper bag hoping that it has enough diapers and bail!

Let’s talk about breastfeeding in public.  Everyone has their two cents about it. While I believe it should be normalized, it can still be a little intimidating and takes some getting used to. I am still getting the feel as to when I need full coverage or when I am comfortable enough to just go for it and feed my lil’ guy out in the open. Bamboobies makes a simple, chic shawl that is also a nursing cover, and I always have with me. I can literally breastfeed in line at Starbucks with this thing on. If you haven’t invested in one yet, you can get your’s here.

I don’t know about you ladies out there,  but OMG I am producing like a machine! This means LEAKAGE, and lots of pads = lots of trash. I LOVE Bamboobies super absorbent, reusable, and eco-friendly nursing pads. They are extra soft, come in cute colors and heart shapes, and you can get a multipack for light or heavy leakage.


I keep hearing painful stories about cracked nipples, making the experience that much more of a challenge. My method of intervention is Bamboobies Organic Nipple Balm.  All you Mommies out there working your tails off to feed these growing babies, if you are suffering, this is the stuff you are looking for. What I like about this product is that it is all organic, pesticide free, and non-toxic, making it safe for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding is such a beautiful and natural experience, but not all of us have it easy. All of the challenges can make it rather discouraging. It’s nice to know there are products available to us that assist through the process or prevent issues early on. Bamboobies has a selection of awesome breastfeeding products that you can browse here.

I’ve teamed up with Bamboobies and they are giving away all 3 of the products I’ve reviewed in this post! Yep, the Nursing shawl, the Multipack Nursing Pads, and the Organic Nipple Balm! Just head over to my IG account @livewellmama for details on how to enter. Get a head start here and leave a comment as part of your entry!

*This blog post was sponsored by Bamboobies.

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