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“Hard Head” by Keiki Kine Designs, Baby by Me.

Our family is very diverse. We have Cherokee, Caucasian, Korean, Portuguese, and Chinese all in the mix. We love exploring different cultures and are infatuated with anything Island. Keiki Kine Designs has caught our eye with their humorous prints inspired by the Island slang and the Mother behind this business is just a doll. Meet Naleisha from Hawai’i and show her some love by checking out her links down below. All these Mom Bosses are just blowing me away and are very inspiring. As if being a mother wasn’t challenging enough.

This week’s Mom Boss is Naleisha Lucrisia and her business is Keiki Kine Designs 

The idea for Keiki Kine Designs sprouted from my desire to create fun(ny) designs that reminded me of my childhood growing up in Hawai’i. I wanted to create something that highlighted the unique culture that I grew up in and the language that I grew up hearing. Hawai’i is unique in the fact that it’s a melting pot of various ethnic cultures – Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Caucasian, etc. – that have all learned to live together and as a result has created a unique culture and language of their own. I wanted to create a brand that encompassed all of this and celebrated the uniqueness of this place I call home. Thus, Keiki Kine Designs was born.

I actually started designing and printing custom apparel with local Pidgin (Creole English) catchphrases on them for my eldest daughter when she was just an infant. Now she’s seven years old! But it wasn’t until I was on maternity leave with my second daughter, who is now 18 months old, that I really got serious about utilizing my design skills to get down to business. With the help and skill set of various members of my family, I’ve slowly but surely was able to start up Keiki Kine Designs while still being a full-time mom . It hasn’t been easy and it’s a constant work in progress, but I ‘ve found it to be very fulfilling.

I love creating apparel that is not only cute and comfortable, but also reminds people of their own childhood and the unique culture and language that they grew up with. Whether it is being called “one bag rice” because you weighed 20 lbs. at 4 months old or “hard head” because of your stubborn personality, I think anyone can relate to and appreciate one of our fun(ny) catchphrase designs.

A pregnancy struggle Naleisha experienced:

When I was pregnant with my second child, my doctor and I realized late in my pregnancy that she was breeched. I kept feeling what I thought were punches in my lower pelvic area. I even joked with my doctor that she might stick her hand out at any second! But after taking an ultrasound we realized that what I was feeling were actually kicks because she was sitting straight up! The first thing that I asked was “Does that mean I have to have a c-section?” He said, “No if you want to you have the option of having an aversion- basically manually turning the baby into the proper birth position.” There were risks associated with this procedure, but I knew I wanted to have a natural delivery if at all possible. So I went ahead with the procedure. Plus, something in my gut told me that everything would be alright. And it was. The doctors successfully turned her without any complications and I was able to give birth to her naturally. The only side effect is that she’s still as stubborn as she was in the womb. That’s a true “Hard Head” for you!

Naleisha’s Motherhood tip:

Remember to breathe! I’ve found this to apply to all phases of motherhood thus far, from the moment you feel your first contraction, to when your18-month-old gets a hold of your make-up  or your seven yr. old decides that she knows everything and doesn’t need your advice. Remember to breathe! Motherhood will be filled with moments when you feel like you’re gonna lose your mind or at least lose your cool. And it’ll happen every once in a while, but I’ve found that reminding myself to breathe has helped me when I find myself in those type of situations. It’s amazing what taking a deep breath can do for you! Uuuhhhhaaaaaa!

Check out Keiki Kine Designs links below:



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