Clover and Birch


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Handmade, natural, and eco-friendly toys by Clover and Birch.

A huge part of our family life is being kind to our earth that we love and cherish so much. We hope to raise a tribe of our own that will grow up treating the planet the way it should be treated, with love. When we found Clover and Birch it was refreshing to see that we  had the option to provide our child with toys that weren’t soaked in paint or made from plastic. because of businesses like this one, our children can have safe toys without sacrificing their imagination. Of course, there is a Mom Boss behind this awesomeness and her story is inspiring. Thanks for reading!

This week’s Mom Boss is Taylor Melton and her business is Clover and Birch

“Clover and Birch is a labor of love business that grew from my desire to provide our children with beautiful toys made of natural, sustainable materials. My husband, Jason, had just deployed to Afghanistan and I was a new stay at home mom to one darling little six-week-old girl. I loved being in the hospitality industry but I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to work after we welcomed our daughter, Carden.  I started Clover and Birch with a few teethers and plush toys made of organic materials and quickly sold out of them thanks to a supportive tribe of mama friends.  Jason was able to be home on leave for our first family Christmas and we searched high and low for beautiful, natural blocks for Carden’s first gift. We came up short and were thoroughly disappointed that  our only options were painted blocks with bright colors or plain square blocks with no warmth.  With a saw, wood from our local sustainable wood shop and some artistic sanding, Carden got her first set of blocks and I got to work growing our brand.”

A pregnancy struggle that Taylor experienced:

“One of my biggest struggles during pregnancy was finding support and encouragement. We knew that having an out of hospital birth at a free-standing birth center was the healthiest option for our family. When people would learn of our intentions of an unmedicated birth attended by a midwife, we were met exclusively with negativity or fear mongering. At that point in time, I hadn’t found  my wonderfully supportive village of mama friends so, Jason and I were a little bewildered over the lack of encouragement we were facing as new parents.  I believed to my core that my body was strong and capable of delivering this child and in June 2012 I showed myself just how true that belief was by delivering our lively baby girl with nothing more than love and support from my birth team. Two years later, we faced the same challenge when we announced that we’d be welcoming our newest addition and delivering her at home. Our youngest daughter’s birth was peaceful and swift, with our midwife arriving only eight minutes before she was born! Collin was welcomed in a birth pool in the very living room that she now spends her time playing in.

The lack of support from others surrounding our births has made it my heart’s mission to really support the mothers around me. I hope to rally for each new mama to believe in themselves and their choices, no matter what they may be, for their parenting journey.”

Taylor’s motherhood tips:

“I have two parenting tips that I aim to abide by so I can’t choose just one! My first is to always trust your gut. There is absolutely no force in this world that compares to a mother’s intuition. Second, slow down and let them be little. Never again will your child get to experience the wonder that is childhood. Don’t rush them to do and see and learn, all of those things will come in time. Let them just experience their world at their own pace and develop their own innate sense of wonder.”

Check out Clover and Birch links below:


Taylor and her husband Jason, owners of Clover and Birch.


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