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Custom made, 100% organic newborn coming home outfit by Little Laughing Ducks

My husband and I are obsessed with the ocean and anything that has to do with it. So I had to have this outfit when I saw the sea creatures! While corresponding with Little Laughing Ducks, I found out that one of the owners, Candy, has 11 children. I can hardly wrap my head around 1 child, let alone 11! I asked Candy to share her story with us. Don’t forget to show your love by leaving a comment and checking out her Etsy store!

This week’s Mom Boss is Candy Austin and her business is Little Laughing Ducks

I had the idea to start selling my creations because everyone who saw my work said I should start selling them. My son Jordan was really the one who inspired me to do it because, in his words, “People would really buy your stuff.” However, making the idea materialize was a matter of learning the ropes for online selling and believe me, there was a lot of trial and error. Β After a few years, I found a team of sellers who wanted to promote each other as much as we needed. We were all there to support each other and use our talents to network and help create sales. Two of our team members are excellent business marketers and helped us refine our methods to make our shop more appealing.

Bronte got into the business about two years ago when, after unsuccessfully applying for various jobs, I offered to let her be my partner since she had a talent for sewing. I knew if she practiced her skills she could become a (self-taught) professional seamstress like me. Besides that, she had the technical expertise to help with the marketing end of the business.Combining our talents helped us turn our sewing shop into a real store and not just a hobby. Β If you want to know where most of my sewing experience came from, I had 11 children and 8 of them were girls. I had always enjoyed sewing but it was a necessity for all those kids to have quality clothes without the quality price tag that forced me to perfect my techniques and spend half my life at the sewing machine. The other half was spent taking care of my ever growing family. Have you ever nursed a baby while trying to sew? Well, I can tell you how to do it. LOL. Yes, I wanted a big family. No, I didn’t expect so many. But I wouldn’t put any of them back.

A pregnancy struggle Candy experienced:
I had no physical struggles during pregnancy except in the 9th month of carrying a 10 pound baby while simultaneously caring for the other 7 children I already had.Β While raising and caring for all of my kids was at times exhausting and challenging (to say the least), I got a lot of joy and satisfaction from it, especially since they all turned out so wonderful.

Candy’s motherhood tips:
As for my condensed motherhood tip, I would say listen. Really listen to your kids. They deserve your respect and your time. Kids like simple and they will remember the things you did with them. When we have family gatherings, I always hear “Remember that time when…” and the laughter rings out even still. Lastly, play with your kids. I often used to set up a simple scenario in our backyard so I could play Little House on the Prairie with my older girls. I was always Ma, Bethanie always wanted to be Pa (she didn’t mind being a boy), Chanelle always had to be Laura, and Sommer was the perfect Nellie due to her blonde hair and she could act like the spoiled rich girl. Meeting her now, she’s the sweetest person you’ll ever talk to, so playing Nellie was a bit of a chore for her.
Check out Little Laughing Ducks links below:

Candy Austin – Owner of Little Laughing Ducks with her husband and 11 children.

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