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Jezreel Cruz – Project Baby Bump

During my journey I have been meeting so many inspiring women that are entrepreneurs on top of being moms. There are so many awesome stories out there.  How could I not share them with you? So here we are with MOM BOSS MONDAYS.  Every Monday you will meet a new mom, hear their stories, and see their products. They will share with us some of their pregnancy struggles and motherhood tips! The purpose is to know that we are not alone and to learn from each other. I’m all about women who inspire one another, so check out their work and leave them a comment!

This week’s #MOMBOSS is Jezreel Cruz and her business is Project Baby Bump. Check out this excerpt from her website.

“During her 15 years as a Registered Nurse, Project Baby Bump founder Jezreel Cruz always had the desire to launch her own business, though she didn’t know what she wanted to do.  Finally, her passion for fashion coupled with memories of shopping for maternity clothing during her two pregnancies led her to the idea of transitional fashion for maternity and beyond.  Her new venture came to be in January 2016, as she now balances an e-commerce business alongside staying fit, managing the home, spending time with her husband, Jeremy and raising their two children, Jayden and Mia.  The usual for a Mompreneur!

Through her experience, Jezreel found that maternity clothing generally lacked trendy style and was unwearable or unflattering to wear after delivery.  As a woman undergoes many changes with her body throughout the motherhood process, Jezreel saw the practicality of fashion that transitions as women undergo these changes. Project Baby Bump specializes in chic maternity wear for the expectant mother that fits her changing body throughout all stages of pregnancy, through delivery and beyond.  With styles that are just as fashionable with or without a baby bump, new moms can dress practically and confidently, feeling beautiful when they need it the most.

Having come from simple and humble roots in the Philippines, Jezreel experienced the struggle of poverty growing up.  With the gracious help of a Christian couple from the United States, Dave and Gail whom she endearingly considers her second parents, Jezreel was able to attend college and earn her BSN degree in 2001. She used this opportunity to immigrate to the US in 2005 for a better future pursuing a profession in nursing, although her nursing career was never her passion nor true desire for her life.  Today, as she lives her dream of running her own business, it is Jezreel’s ultimate desire to come full circle, helping needy children to receive a good education, leading them to a brighter future.  Project Baby Bump believes that our children’s education is the foundation for a better tomorrow.”

A pregnancy struggle Jezreel experienced:

During both of Jezreel’s pregnancies she struggled with morning sickness which caused her to be very nauseated. She was vomiting all day for a 5-6 month period. Both pregnancies led her to the ER on multiple occasions for medical attention. To help her cope she had to take combinations of nausea medications, antacids, vitamins, and participate in lots of exercise. Other means of coping were avoiding strong scents, drinking ginger tea, sucking on ice cubes, and eating less flavored or bland foods. Wow, what we go through for our babies!!!

Jezreel’s Motherhood Tips:

No matter how prepared you think you are to have a new baby, you’ll encounter many things you never expected. Involve your spouse/partner in caring for the baby because if you try and handle it all by yourself it will drain you. This may lead you to feeling depressed and helpless. Be sure to secure childcare or reliable baby sitters early, as it will be very difficult to look for a trusted one when the time comes.

Check out Jezreel’s line and social media!

@Livewellmama wearing the Black Convertible Sleeve Jumpsuit from Project Baby Bump


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