How I Met Your Father


photo (2)I was a bartender at a very hip spot in Downtown Los Angeles where many celebrities and politicians had their meetings. I lived in an amazing loft right above the restaurant/bar (was somehow still late to work every shift) and was finishing up my studies in Child Development. I had just ended a 3 year relationship and was convinced that men were just not my thing. I swore off dating until I was finished with school and even told people that I swung the other way so that I would stop being asked out.

Living downtown I was surrounded by many talented friends, several of them you see on television or the big screen today. It was exactly 7 days after I swore off dating. I was asked to join a friend at an improv comedy show that our mutual friends were hosting, which was taking place at a coffee shop located directly below my loft. I was hesitant to go as I had a lot of homework, but I went anyway.

The next act was up. It was a goofy, animated comedian and an acoustic musician that played tunes to accommodate his every move. Right as they went on I leaned over to my friend and noted how cute the guitar player was.  In the same breath I suggested that we leave to find a place where we could stuff our faces. After finding some food, we returned to the comedy show to support our friends, but it was over. Everyone was mingling outside and the plan was to meet at a local bar down the street. I respectively declined the offers as I did not drink alcohol much at this point in my life, and I had essays to write. No one would take no for an answer and I shortly found myself at the “Bar Association” bored and wondering how I got there. I was not drinking and was coming up with a plan to ditch the evening without anyone noticing. I looked around to see if the coast was clear and there he was.

A tall fellow, with the sweetest presence and the ugliest shirt, stood there with no drink in his hand. It was the musician that accompanied the comedian at the improv show.  He looked almost as displaced and bored as me. I told my friend David (who would end up being the one to marry us) to look at the nerdy cutie I found. I know I said I was leaving but he looked too easy to pick on, so I went over and got on his case about standing there without a drink in his hand at one of the coolest bars in the neighborhood. We were suddenly sitting next to each other and exchanging quick summaries as to how we ended up at the bar but had no interest in being there. We both were hungry and left with a couple of mutual friends to grab a bite. (Yes I ate again) We walked all over downtown holding hands and shared a burger as if we had been together for years. We spent the whole night together on the streets getting to know one another while creeping out our friends with our instant relationship status.

He ended up being my neighbor only living two blocks away from me, so he walked me home and gave me a hug.  He did not ask me if he could come up, for my phone number, nor did he even try to kiss me on the cheek! Ladies, you know that would drive you crazy or at least have you wondering what in the world was happening. You spend the whole evening with the sweetest guy ever and he doesn’t even ask for your phone number or try to give you a creepy kiss??? So of course I asked for his and suggested that we should get together soon since we lived so close to one another. Well, so much for the no dating rule. It lasted a whole 7 days and the secret was out, I was no lesbian. August of 2009 was one of the best months of my life.



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